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We are on the Map!

The Association for Robots in Architecture has included Design Robotics and the QUT Design Lab on their International Map of Robots in the Creative Industry. The map is interactive and you can view robots working in creative research and commercial organisations from all over the world.

Launched in 2010 by Sigrid Brell-Cokcan and Johannes Braumann at the Vienna University of Technology, The Association for Robots in Architecture is ‘an open platform for everybody interested in the creative use, and innovative fabrication, with industrial robots.’
On their website, they state that the association was formed with the goal ‘to make industrial robots accessible for the creative industry, artists, designers and architects, by sharing ideas, research results and technological developments.’ They do this through online communities, such as their International Map of Robots in Creative Industry and through conferences and workshops that they run internationally. They are best known for their annual conference Rob|Arch. This year’s conference is themed, Radical Cross Disciplinarity and will be hosted by ETH University in Zurich, Switzerland, 12th-14th September 2018.
Importantly, Robots in Architecture developed the Kuka PRC plugin for Grasshopper, which enables users to program robotic arms from design and architectural software. This was a significant contribution to the advancement of robotic arm use in architectural fabrication.
Robots in Architecture develops software and hardware for robotics in architectural fabrication through applied research. They have also developed a series of “robot pedagogics.” Their mandate is to develop answers to the question, ‘how soon will robots revolutionize architecture?’ We hope, that along with the other researchers featured on the International Map of Robots in the Creative Industry, we can work together to answer this question.