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Award Winning Design Robotics Team!

We are very proud to announce that the Design Robotics team have been recognised in this year’s QUT Vice Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence. These awards ‘are prestigious university awards conferred to individuals or teams in recognition of sustained exceptional performance leading to outstanding achievement in work and activities that align with the university’s vision, strategic goals and Real World Capabilities over a period of 3 years.’ The award recognised the outstanding work of the team members who established the Design Robotics project, Distinguished Professor Peter Corke, Associate Professor Cori Stewart, Dr Glenda Caldwell, Dr Jared Donovan, Professor Greg Hearn, and Professor Jonathan Roberts. 

The citation that accompanied the award stated that:
“In 2017, the Design Robotics Research Team secured a 5-year $3M (cash) $8M (valued) IMCRC project; “Design Robotics for Mass Customisation Manufacturing” with industry partner UAP (Urban Art Projects) and RMIT. The Design Robotics project is an outstanding example of collaborative multi-University transdisciplinary research and industry partner engagement. The team has seized an opportunity to apply design and robotic vision to advanced manufacturing to reduce the integration time between design and custom manufacturing processes. The impact of the project will enable small to medium sized enterprises a method to engage with technology for competitive advantage, increasing value differentiation through specialised manufacture of high-value products. The project offers a platform for sharing knowledge and inspiration, and facilitates network building among manufacturers, artists, designers, architects and engineers. The project offers QUT a significant opportunity to take a leading global position in Design Robotics.  This team is truly cross-Faculty and is working with a globally recognised company to innovate in Design using robots. This is an exceptional highly collaborative team with great outcomes for the University and for Australia.”
We’re so pleased to see that Jared, Glenda, Jonathan, Cori, Peter, and Greg’s excellent work has been acknowledged and rewarded. Congratulations